Some important news for families from the Disabled Childrens Service at NYCC.

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December 2015

This newsletter is the first of three to be sent to families who use Disabled Children’s Services. There will be two more sent in February and in March 2016.

We want to tell you some important news. Personal Budgets will start in April 2016 for families using Disabled Children’s Services.

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is the sum of money allocated to your child / young person to meet their assessed care and support needs.  The services the Personal Budget will be spent on are set out in a “Support Plan”.  The Support Plan must meet the assessed needs and outcomes agreed for the child / young person

The Personal Budget can EITHER be paid to you as a Direct Payment so that you can arrange your own care and support OR we can arrange services for you. Families do not have to manage money unless they want to. The final Budget has to be agreed by the Council.

What are the advantages?

  • Families will have more choice and control over what goes into the “Support Plan”.
  • Families decide for themselves what would be most help to them.
  • Families can choose more creative solutions which suit them and their circumstances.
  • Personal Budget amounts are allocated fairly according to the needs of the child and their family. A “Resource Allocation” system will support Assessments. The system will be made public

Getting it right for Families – Personal Budget Pilot

Between now and April 2016 some families are helping us to “Pilot” this approach. A group of families have volunteered to work out a new “Support Plan” with their DCS worker, using their Personal Budget.

These families will be helping us to get the process right. They will also give us feedback on proposed leaflets and website content to help families make the most of Personal Budgets.

The next newsletter will be sent in February 2016, when we will tell you what suggestions our “Pilot” families have made.  

The February newsletter will also tell you what will happen next.

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